During office hours, immediate attention will be given to your situation, and you will be seen as soon as possible.  After office hours, please give the office a call and follow the instructions provided.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a serious or life threatening emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

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Many injuries are as a result of participation in a sport or falls, with a number requiring our care. Injuries involving the head, neck or face may require a visit to the emergency room or your family’s physician. Some of the more common emergencies are listed below with advice as to how to manage them:

Additional Resources

Download “Management of Orthodontic Emergencies” flyer from the American Association of Orthodontists: American Association of Orthodontists Website

For more information on specific symptoms, visit: American Dental Association Website

For additional children’s emergency resource, visit a guide from the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: Active Kids, Healthy Teeth