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“When you first walk into Dr. Lou’s office, you feel like you don’t want to leave! The space is beautiful, clean and FUN! Who would think going to the dentist would be fun?! My daughter just turned one year old and I took her to Dr. Lou for her first pediatric dental check up. He thoroughly explained what to expect during the exam and gave me some helpful tips on maintaining my daughter’s oral health.

My daughter sat on my lap in the patient chair and Dr. Lou examined her teeth and gums. He gave her a little toothbrush and stickers, which helped distract her from this new experience. I sincerely recommend Dr. Lou; he is patient, gentle and you can trust your child is in good hands.

In addition, the office staff are extremely helpful and friendly. They make scheduling and payment easy and were very comforting to my daughter. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. See you in 6 months!”

Kind  Regards,
Andrea C.

“Dr. Louis Cooper,

On behalf of our daughter, Gianna we would like to thank Dr. Lou and the entire staff at NY Pediatric Dentistry.  You and your staff’s professional and caring work with our daughter has made going to the dentist a fun and healthy experience. After a few years (and several doctors) of dreading to go to the dentist and trying to “mentally” and “emotionally” prepare our daughter for having to get her teeth checked, you have made going to the dentist something to look forward to.  Gianna used to cry and not even let the dentist open her mouth. Now, after visiting your office, she asks “When are we going to see Lou again?”

From the moment you walk in, children have a sense of safety and comfort.  We, as parents, also find comfort in knowing that our daughter is going to be taken care of in a place that can be scary to many children.  We love that this is one less stressful doctor’s visit we have to worry about and will be sure to bring our other children to Dr. Lou when it is their time to visit the dentist. Thank you for all that you have done. ”

Richie, Paula & Gianna
Mount Kisco, NY

“We will never forget Dr. Cooper! He set such a great foundation that my child not only will go to the dentist but she has had braces on for almost a year! We have bragged about him to everyone here in Atlanta, Georgia!”

Rachel J.

“Dr. Lou,

We just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful 1st time to the Dentist experience. From the first phone call to the gracious Alex and comfortable and fun waiting area and wonderful Isabella teaching us how to correctly brush, the entire experience was painless. You were so good with our two girls as 1st time patients and they said “when are we going to see Dr. Lou again”.

I wish everyone to have such an experience as a parent and for their children. See you in 6 months, enjoy the rest of the summer.”

Angelica & Brooke Muto

“I have only good things to say about this place, but the ones I want to point out are:

  • Nicest people I have ever met
  • Best treatment I have ever received
  • Great place for children – they will feel like home
  • You will never want to go anywhere else!

Even though I am thousands of miles away from home, I was treated like family. And to me that is priceless.

I am so glad I have met you all!
And I hope people believe me when I say: You must go there!”

Your Portuguese friend,
Ana Silvia Silva

“Why do I keep referring everyone with kids to Dr, Lou? He’s the best!

Our intro to the practice was when my eldest chipped his tooth in the pool at camp two summers ago. My son’s dentist at the time was in Fleetwood so I called my insurance company to get someone closer for this. They gave me Dr. Lou’s name and number.

Dr. Lou wasn’t in but came in to see my son and bonded the tooth immediately and it’s been fine ever since.

We were so impressed with the practice that we switched dentists and now all three of my boys see Dr. Lou. My youngest (2) has had 3 check ups already and climbs up in the chair like the big boys.

When I mentioned having difficulty getting said 2 year old to brush, they gave me a sticker chart which works wonders! …”

Tahri Gang

“Dear Dr. Cooper,

My husband and I were very happy to find the right dentist for our son. It took us a long time to find a good dentist especially because my son had a very bad experience in another office. My son liked how there was a big play area in the waiting area. We liked how everyone was very friendly, we all felt comfortable. In the beginning I was nervous because the surgery my son needed to have was very serious but Dr. Cooper was very informative and explained the surgery in a very clear way. Now my son is doing well, his teeth look great, he hasn’t complained about any pain and he loves going to the dentist. I would certainly recommend Dr. Cooper to my friends and family. Thank you for making the dentist a pleasant experience for my son and my family. ”

Maritza V.

Very caring DR and office staff. Will never do any unnecessary procedures. Frank ,honest ,thoughtful. Finally have found a pediatric dentist after years of hunting and paying out of pocket for all kids procedures. Best experience EVER.

Ritti K.

The entire organization is first-rate. The reception is inviting and the waiting room is a kid’s dream. My daughters happen to love the TVs on the ceilings: that has made the difference in happily going to the dentist and dreading the dentist. The entire staff is completely focused on what is best for each individual child whether it is how the child is treated or the overall treatment plan need. We are new to the practice and have experience with other offices. I can tell you this: we will never leave NY Pediatric!

Holly Cole

Our experience with Dr. Emelie Preis at NY Pediatric Dentistry has been very positive. We’ve been going there since my daughter was 2. The office is extremely clean, the receptionist a very courteous and prompt. The office environment is unique and there are lots of fun activities for the kids to do while waiting – which there is very little of (!). In the exam rooms, there are TV’s on the ceilings to help entertain and distract the kids. Dr. Preis is very gentle, caring, and thorough. She is very patient in explaining the procedures and is more than happy to answer any questions you mat have. Overall we have been very pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend Dr. Preis and the practice. Our daughter hasn’t cried once and actually enjoys a visit to the dentist!!

Brian DeRousseau

Kudos to Dr. Lou and the entire staff of NY Pediatric & Adult Dentistry! They make our visit to the dentist not only pleasant but my daughter actually looks forward to her visits. They are caring, kind, helpful, friendly, words cannot appropriately describe this staff. My daughter is 6 years old and was not a fan of going to the dentist, but the care, patience and the level of professionalism that was shown to her, goes unmatched. I recommend NY Pediatric & Adult Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a group of people who is not only knowledgeable in what they do, but do their best every time to make your visit as pleasant as possible and especially for the littlest of the family!

Heather Morris

My daughter was treated by Dr. Lou from her very first visit as a toddler until she left for college. He is the most professional, caring and child friendly of all of our pediatric doctors. We traveled to see Dr. Lou in NYC and Westchester, even when we were not near his office because my daughter liked him and felt comfortable with his treatment. Would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Ken Ettinger

My girls LOVE going to the dentist and that is only because the experience they have with the NY P&A Dentistry. The ladies in the reception, the assistent to Dr Cooper, all off them are extremely helpful, lovely and patient. The place is clean, fun and sometimes its hard to drag the girls away from it. On a quality level, I am very happy with the treatment and the procedure. I admit to be lucky with the fact that neither of my daughters have any dental issues but even so, things are done thoroughly and never in a rush. The whole experience is very pleasant and it is a reason that even though we moved away to Old Greenwich, we still always come back to see Dr Lou!

Sabine Kruythoff