What Sets Us Apart

  • Multispecialty group that provides oral health care from infancy through adulthood
  • Pediatric dental specialists
  • Orthodontic specialist
  • Adult dentistry with a focus on cosmetic, implants and geriatrics
  • Coordinated Pediatric, Orthodontic, and Adult oral health care
The dental home is an ongoing relationship between the pediatric dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible coordinated, and family-centered way. The establishment of a dental home begins around the age of 12 months.
  • Our office provides both a child friendly and adult friendly environment. Whether you are a parent, adult patient or a child, there is an enjoyable place for you to relax and feel comfortable.
  • Sensory Adaptive Dental Environment — We strive to provide an innovative, noninvasive environmental approach to inducing relaxation and reducing anxiety in our office.
We customize our treatment plans to accommodate the clinical, financial, and emotional needs of our patients. 
Many children with special needs are very susceptible to decay, gum disease and oral trauma. We strongly encourage and welcome those with special needs children to visit us and make use of the services we offer.
Our children are growing up in an age where they can reap the benefits of all the knowledge and advances that are being made in the rapidly changing world of dentistry. Prevention is always the best treatment and our focus is just that. This generation will be the recipient of advances over the last 2 decades that will result in fewer cavities and filled teeth. As these“beneficiaries” enter into various stages of adulthood, the knowledge gained and the tools we have (and will implement) will translate in to better dental health with less cost and discomfort.
  • Paperless Electronic Medical records
  • Digital patient registration online and in office
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Electronic submission of insurance claims
  • Digital radiography
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Newest dental resin materials (white fillings) that are BPA free
  • Office WiFi, Apple™ computers, and electronics to be enjoyed by kids and adults
  • Our certified dental anesthesiologist allows us to perform treatment while children or adults are asleep in the comfort of our office
  • Hospital dentistry under general anesthesia at Greenwich Hospital
We can always be reached should a dental emergency arise. 
Emerging technologies, the development of new dental materials, and research into the carious process has changed how dentistry is practiced. And this is how we practice:

Minimally Invasive Dentistry -The goal being preservation of natural tooth structure rather than replace it with fillings.

Treating Caries as a Transmissible Infectious Disease – Bacteria may be transmitted from caregiver (e.g. moms or sitters) to child through salivary contact.

Teeth have the ability to Remineralize – This means very small cavities, if detected early enough can sometimes be left when minerals can replace the destroyed tooth structure or prevent its progression.

Assessing the Risk Level of Each Patient for Developing Dental Caries – Individualized treatment and prevention modalities enable us to impact the delicate balance that reduces the factors that contribute to disease and increase those that are protective.